The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Follow my stay at home Daddy’s adventure 💙

4 thoughts on “The Journey Begins

  1. Hey John sounds like a tough time but your man enough……..keep it going gives me something else to read about amongst all the bullshit on social…….might even start my own

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  2. We’ve joined you on this journey now!
    It’s interesting to see this through your perspective. I’m looking forward to reading more and getting to know you through the blog!!

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  3. Hi John luv, I have only ever known you as my daughter-in-law’s (Lynnette) brother. You have always come across as a strong-minded person, very competitive and a smart arse and sometimes(funny) 🙂 you’ve always come across as a nice guy who has an answer for everything.
    I really enjoy following your daddydaycare62 and reading about the progress of the boys (Charlie & Riley) and yourself. I enjoy your honesty in what you’re going through in being a stay at home dad.
    If it’s any consolation I think your doing a pretty good job, it’s hard enough being a mum doing the same job so you can imagine and know that it’s hard for some men. It’s even harder for a man to admit that it isn’t an easy job and many women love hearing that, and wish their own husbands were like you in admitting that the job isn’t easy.
    Some men and women take to the job like a duck to water, so you can imagine what it is like for a mum who cannot bond with her own child that she has carried for 9 months and suffers from what was called baby blues back in the day. You can also understand what it is like for a man to have given up his job for whatever reason and become a stay at home dad. The depression that a mother suffers might not last very long but the damage that is done is devastating for her and can last a life time, as being a mother is meant to come naturally.
    So, for you to admit that this is one of the toughest jobs you have ever done and yet to continue to do your best each and every day is: what can one say.
    As a parent there are no rule books, there are no real guide lines. As a mother many of us have our own mothers or our upbringing to guide us through, many dads just rely on the wife doing their best and leave it up to them while they go off to work.
    So, when you see the smiles on the boys faces and hear that laughter in their voices, experience the new and exciting things that they do and say every day, knowing that some days you experience firsthand what Helen might miss out on, count yourself very lucky, you can’t get those moments back again. Your doing a good job. Stay safe

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