Where is the staff handbook please

So been thinking, yeh I know, its dangerous, I was thinking back to my employed days and about annual leave. You know, where you get to walk away from your working life for a change of scenery, chill out with the family, spend time with mates etc.

So here I am, two years a ‘stay at home parent’, I dont remember getting the staff handbook detailing holiday or time off sick.
I mean, most fulltime employees will maybe get 4 weeks, school teachers 4 months, just joshing schoolies…, even part time staff have some entitlement.


I never really thought about it during my working life, I would take my holiday, chill out, maybe go away with the family, chip in and help out here and there. But you see, a ‘stay at home’ parent is doing the same thing they do every day, maybe with different scenery, there is no real holiday as such. Now some will relate to this, most will have no idea, believe me. It’s like I have always written, unless you have worked this roll, you have no idea how tough it is, you may think you know, as I used to, but hear me now…. NO YOU DON’T.


Yes, I chose to do this, never dreamt for one moment it would be so tough and taxing, maybe some of it is my age, who knows.
When you hear a parent say, or write, get me out of here, I have no escape. They dont mean they want to leave their little ones, they just need to step away, recharge and step back. For some this is possible, for some it is not. Watch out for the ‘not’ if you know them, for everything has its breaking point. … reach out and help, some are just too proud to ask for help, but deep down are screaming for it.


It all comes back round to being mental health aware. If you cant get the physical help my friends, then seek the medical alternative. Speak with your GP first and foremost, they will listen and point you in the right direction. Those reading this, if you’re not sure what to do, what to say, message me, I dont mind helping where I can. I may not be on your doorstep but we can still chat and find a solution. If not me, then there are plenty of people that blog, or on social media that offer help on a daily basis. Remember, in it together, there is NO SHAME

This was just going to be a mini blog on my Instagram, but once I got writing I couldn’t stop and so it became too many words for the ‘gram’.. technology eh?? πŸ™„πŸ˜‚

As usual, please feel free to leave any comments, or feedback.

Thank you as always for taking time to read my blog πŸ‘πŸ’™

2 thoughts on “Where is the staff handbook please

  1. Very well written. I very often wonder when I’m going to get holiday or a sick day. Parenting full time is exhausting, mentally and physically.


  2. I thought that being the Stay at home parent would be a dream and a doddle, could do this this and this. OH NOO!! How wrong was I. Certainly is the only job I have ever had with such long hours, busy, stressful and everything else rolled into it but with the greatest job satisfaction.
    As for the mental health side, good man for opening up about it, follow your journey on Instagram and also here on your blog. I struggle with my own issues with depression and anxiety. Past few weeks have been a bit dicky, had a chat with the Mrs last week and appointment with GP has been made to discuss the happy pills and anything else that may help with how I’ve been feeling lately.


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