Point break

On Friday I just decided to switch off from the world, no news, no social media, I really had had enough. What’s written below, was written Friday night, I looked at it Sunday night and thought to myself, I won’t post this.

The thing is, if I don’t post it, I’m not being true myself. I’ve always said, I wear my heart on my sleeve and am totally honest.

Am fed up ok, angry with life, angry with people, fed up with what I see, hear around me and what I read. Pissed off with two-faced individuals in my life, the looks, the stare, the down right self centred, self righteousness of some folk. I allow too much to bother me, I over think, I was born to worry…. Oh to be thick skinned and to genuinely not give a shit about anything.


Then there’s the news, oh ffs!

Have you ever read and listened to so much crap, who do we listen to now, who do we believe! It’s eating in to my fkin brain! …

Let’s take the new self appointed scientists that have sprung up around the globe, you know, the Covid specialis. Yep we all know at least one, who knows more about vaccinations than any Doctor ever lived.. do me a favour, take your opinion, and conspiracy theories and shove them right up your arse. You are no more than scaremongering scum.

Then there’s the talk about the people who take the vaccine as being sheep, no, they’re doing what they feel is right for them. The sheep are the plebheads who are happy to follow anyone with a negative thing to say about this world we live in and the people who run it.


Here’s another sleepless night thinking subject for you.

I truly worry ok, I truly worry about the state out GP surgery’s have got themselves into. I worry for my family, my friends, the elderly, the needy, even myself. I need to see my Dr, but I know I’m just going to get ‘fobbed off’. I have a small list of things to discuss with my GP, get off my chest, but I know it won’t happen. It makes you want to scream!

God help my local surgery if my boys were ever really ill and I couldn’t get them seen! I will literally bang their door down. … This issue with our GP’s need sorting, and it needs sorting now!


So there you are, that is why I switched off from all media Friday. It was a tough decision as I do love my Instagram account and I honestly have missed it.

I had to step away otherwise I would have blurted crap I probably would gave regretted. I was just angry.

Instead of getting on my soap box, firing off a few home truths, I decided to bake cakes with the boys and just bring myself back.to earth.

So now I will get back to making people happy around me, playing the clown and making people smile. You see I’m one of the sad people who wants everyone around them to be happy, refusing to believe that this just isn’t possible.


Back on my Instagram 😊, I have missed it and the people this weekend. For all the faults Social Media may have, this particular app, helps me through my day, through the week. Any ‘stay at home’ parent will agree, it can be a lonely old role to play. It’s an outlet for my humour, my life, my mental well being. I’ve said it before, there is a lot of love and kindness with Instagram. Although it’s only people in my phone, some of the people I know in reality could learn a LOT from their genuine kindness.

Nothing really prepares you for the sometimes solidarity life of a ‘stay at home parent’, especially more so if you’re a man and an old one at that!

You see, being the old guy at the school gates makes coffee invites pretty non existent. What young Mum wants to be seen inviting some guy out for a cuppa’ and a chat. So networking those coffee mornings is a difficult one. Asking for a playdate can often get you a look of dread and fear, can you imagine asking the opposite sex for a coffee, yep makes me chuckle too.

This is why my Instagram account plays a part in my life, it helps me communicate outside these four walls, helps me laugh and share my story


Well I’ve have spent this weekend papering over those cracks of my mind, until the walls fall in once more.

Once more, welcome into the head of someone willing to share their Mentalhealth, be it up or down.

I’m not alone in my daily fears and stressed out life and by writing down my thought’s, I know I help others. If only to let them know, they’re not alone 💛


If you’ve got this far, thanks for reading… as always your thoughts and comments are more that welcome 🙏 💛 .. ps, sorry for the page layout, I just couldn’t get it all the same text, amateur 🤦😂

I dont know why

Well I’m writing as I do when feeling so low. I document in hope it may help others, not for a sympathy vote, as some clearly think. I have had a few bad days this week, yesterday was awful. What brings us to this dark place, what is the trigger? Is it tiredness, loneliness, paranoia, a biological imbalance, I dont know, I just know when I am in it.


So what can we do about it? We talk, I’ve said it time and time again, we have to talk, we need to lean on each other. Sadly this is an illness that comes and goes with no regularity, so each time we mention it there will be the ‘eye rollers’, the ‘oh here he goes again’ brigade. Some will be friends and shamefully, some will be family.

Its almost like we need a ‘chat buddy’, someone who you turn to when you need to chat. Someone who is prepared to listen, a true confidant.

I remember watching a tv series a while back, the guy was a recovering drug addict and would attend regular meetings. Outside of these gatherings he was assigned a ‘sponsor’, someone who would check on him and a person he could turn to when things got tough.

It’s sad, but in reality, we dont have such a person, so we talk to whomever is willing to listen. At first ears are there for you, but you see, this illness is not a one off. One by one the ears will turn off the more you hit the dark moments. It will be ‘oh not him again’, ‘change the tune mate’, ‘ffs again!’ …. so what do we do? I dont know, I hate that I’m pushing people away.

Each time I speak of my dark days on social media, I worry what people are saying about me, but this is my only outlet. I lost followers yesterday on my Instagram, the numbers don’t bother me, it’s the fact I have bored people.

The strangest and saddest thing is, the first to turn off their ears are often those closest to you, am I right?

Lets take yesterday for instance, I know my out pour of hardship was seen by many but not one person who knows me personally, family or friend reached out, other than my good lady of course.

I dont blame anyone, they have their own lives to live, but this is my point you see. I’m not in a hospital bed, or sat here in bandages, my problems and dark times are repetitive. The more it repeats, the less people are bothered, it becomes a ‘here he goes again moment. So what do I do, someone tell me please.

Even now I can see someone saying, just shut up about it.


I had someone send me the above picture, quite sobering really. I wish I had all the answers, I really do. Because I know this dark loneliness, I want to help so many others. I want to understand more, I want to know why people dont talk, I want to understand the signs more clearly but most of all, I want it to stop.

As usual, thank you for taking the time to read this. Please feel free to comment 💙

Where is the staff handbook please

So been thinking, yeh I know, its dangerous, I was thinking back to my employed days and about annual leave. You know, where you get to walk away from your working life for a change of scenery, chill out with the family, spend time with mates etc.

So here I am, two years a ‘stay at home parent’, I dont remember getting the staff handbook detailing holiday or time off sick.
I mean, most fulltime employees will maybe get 4 weeks, school teachers 4 months, just joshing schoolies…, even part time staff have some entitlement.


I never really thought about it during my working life, I would take my holiday, chill out, maybe go away with the family, chip in and help out here and there. But you see, a ‘stay at home’ parent is doing the same thing they do every day, maybe with different scenery, there is no real holiday as such. Now some will relate to this, most will have no idea, believe me. It’s like I have always written, unless you have worked this roll, you have no idea how tough it is, you may think you know, as I used to, but hear me now…. NO YOU DON’T.


Yes, I chose to do this, never dreamt for one moment it would be so tough and taxing, maybe some of it is my age, who knows.
When you hear a parent say, or write, get me out of here, I have no escape. They dont mean they want to leave their little ones, they just need to step away, recharge and step back. For some this is possible, for some it is not. Watch out for the ‘not’ if you know them, for everything has its breaking point. … reach out and help, some are just too proud to ask for help, but deep down are screaming for it.


It all comes back round to being mental health aware. If you cant get the physical help my friends, then seek the medical alternative. Speak with your GP first and foremost, they will listen and point you in the right direction. Those reading this, if you’re not sure what to do, what to say, message me, I dont mind helping where I can. I may not be on your doorstep but we can still chat and find a solution. If not me, then there are plenty of people that blog, or on social media that offer help on a daily basis. Remember, in it together, there is NO SHAME

This was just going to be a mini blog on my Instagram, but once I got writing I couldn’t stop and so it became too many words for the ‘gram’.. technology eh?? 🙄😂

As usual, please feel free to leave any comments, or feedback.

Thank you as always for taking time to read my blog 👍💙

Why dry February?

Well here goes, why dry February, because I drink too much and this week I managed to scare myself with the help of google.

Other than my well documented mental health issues, I have suffered from regular pins and needles in my right arm since pulling my shoulder last September 2019. I broke my leg in 2012 which still gives me grief from time to time and I’m very overweight. I know, had I been a horse, I would have been shot by now.


I have had a constant mouth ulcer now for a few weeks, first appeared before Christmas but I managed to treat it with bonjela, it went, but came back again. Now I’m not sure if it’s to do with my top plate, yes my front top teeth are false, but that’s a whole different story.

So I googled, it seems one of the reasons for mouth ulcers is brought on my alcohol abuse, I mean define alcohol abuse? Oh and these ulcers if constant, maybe the ‘C’ word, yes, scared me that much, I can’t even spell it out.

I now have a Drs appointment for this Tuesday, I’m sure it’ll just be a telling off for drinking too much, being overweight and medication for mouth ulcers. But a lifestyle change message none the less.


What have I been drinking? Not far off 100 units a week I reckon. Often a litre bottle of gin and two bottles of a wine bought on a Thursday, would be gone by Sunday night. Then there was the trip out Monday, maybe for a 75cl bottle of gin and one more bottle of wine, add this to any beer I may have at a weekend if i venture out.

It was helping me sleep, chill out, relax… but it was too much, I know. If I am to be honest, most of my weight issue is probably due to alcohol. I am currently 18st 7lbs, the heaviest I have ever been, let’s see what I weigh on March 1st.


There are a million and one reasons to look after myself and none more important than family. When Riley hits 18 I will already be 73!! I cant afford to live like I have been if I want to see these boys at least through their school years and on.

I won’t give up drinking completely, I like it, i enjoy it, I just need to learn to be less dependent on it. To maybe just keep it for a Friday/Saturday, or crikey, learn to have one or two glasses without the need to finish the bottle.

This is why I am going to try a dry month, rather than a couple of weeks. I’m hoping if I can navigate February, then I can change my habit. I will then know it’s a habit and not an addiction.


Why have I have I blogged this, because it’s good to share a worry, a concern. I am always preaching this and to be honest, I bet I’m not alone. I have identified a problem, a possible life threatening problem, I need to act and I’m hoping I have the strength to do this. As usual my friends on Instagram will be a main source of support as well as close loved ones around.

So anyone else hiding behind a glass? Have a think, look closely at your lifestyle, do you need to make a slight adjustment even, remember it’s not just for you, but for those that hold you dear 💙

As always, your comments are welcome below, thankyou 💙

Social media and me

My first taste of ‘putting myself out there’ so to speak, began with ‘My Space’, who remembers that? Of course we all know how long that lasted, although I’m lead to believe it has risen from the ashes.

Next along came Facebook, initially I found this great for sharing photos with family around the world. It was great for interacting with friends. It even helped me make contact with lost friends once ‘Friends reunited’ closed down.

Sadly over time Facebook has become political and what feels like a breeding ground for racism and hatred. People post stories that are clearly fake, it’s sad as its laughable. You only need to google a story to find the true facts. I cant believe how gullible anyone person can be.

Once the boys came along it became very apparent that some people thought I was posting too many pics of the boys, someone even said, “oh, another baby pic”. I would joke about the name daddy day care and even that was picked up on. In time I opened another fb account in the name Daddydaycare and linked it to my Instagram, so those who wanted to, could follow pics of the boys.

I have recently made the decision to close my old facebook account and start afresh, I decided to fill my social media, partly, with people I’ve never met, but care about me, rather than people I know personally, that dont.

It became quite apparent that people would unfollow you on facebook rather than have the decency to just unfriend. Sadly it seems some are family which is rather upsetting. You see, by starting afresh, those who wish to share your life experiences will friend request and jump on board, those who don’t, I wish them well.


Now let’s talk Instagram, this form of social media has been a revelation for me. All of a sudden I am matched with people in similar roles, positions and lifestyles as myself.

My first picture on here was not long after Charlie was born and I tended to flirt with insta rather than date her … wow, that was clever writing, anyway, moving on. I would say I’ve become quite an avid user of this media over the past eighteen months.

I find it amazing, such a release for me. In a world where I see very few people these days, the interaction on here is phenomenal.

I have come across so many lovely people, I want to meet each and everyone but know that just wont happen. There is love and an overall sense of togetherness. Of course, like most things in life there comes the odd clitch, someone you may not get on with, but you lose them in the labyrinth of insta world and move on.

I find it strange sometimes when I hear people say, they are taking a break from Instagram, it’s taking them over. Now I do understand this, but as I’ve said to a few on here, make insta work for you, not you for insta. If you cant think of anything to write about or pictures to load up, then leave it, the world of social media will still be there tomorrow.

It’s more than a social media for me, it helps me with daily contact and interaction, above all, it offers me a means of help when I need to chat to someone, anyone.


Things I dislike about Instagram, people who feel this need to follow your account just to unfollow days later, of course, hoping you wont notice. All I can say is, hey you people, get a life, it’s so sad to see. All for what, to grow their own numbers. Do you know the funniest thing, check some of these people, an account with 1000 follows will sometimes have more likes and interactions than a nobody with over 10,000.

I will always return a follow if the account looks safe, I feel if someone has taken an interest in me then I will respect that and do likewise. I dont agree with unfollowing because of no interaction. I’m sorry ‘Mr or Mrs, I have 10,000 follows and I only follow 1,000’, do you interact with each of those, no of course you dont!

I have realised there is a little circle of life floating around IG, you may talk with someone regular, they will go off radar, only to reappear some months later. Should I have deleted them for not showing interaction for a few months, no of course not.

Some may have noticed, I seldom if ever do a follow Friday, or what ever happens to be in main stream at that moment. Please may I say, it’s for any other reason than I am worried about upsetting someone by missing them off. I interact with a lot of people on here, too many to mention. Please don’t think me arrogant.

What I will do this week, is to put some of the accounts with under 1000 following up for a follow. Most of us know the numbers dont really matter, but it’s always nice to hit a milestone.

Yes, it’s up to you who you follow or dont follow, but please dont think you’re better than anyone else on here.


Then of course there are my stories, oh my, I love the opportunity to be as daft as I want and not really care. If I make just one person smile and laugh, I am a happy man.

You see, I wouldn’t have dared do this on facebook in the past, for the fear of ridicule, but it just feels so right on IG. Let’s laugh, let’s enjoy this media, share happiness and support where needed.

I will continue to make a fool of myself with joking, dancing and singing, because guess what, it makes some people happy and maybe at times, i just love to play daft.


Yes, I will of course, keep up my campaign for Mental Health Awareness. This is a great platform on which to reach out from. I have had my own dark times, so I can speak from experience.

In the past year, 5 people have visited and spoke to their GP because they have listened to me. I dont want praise for this, the fact these people have made that move, is all the thanks I need. Remember my friends keep talking.


So I will continue this affair with Instagram, I will continue to use it for fun and help, both for me and the people I’ve come to call friends, it’s an honor 👍💙

My inner torment

Why am I writing this blog?

I touched very briefly on this subject at the back end of September on one of my insta posts. Please let me explain more and maybe, just maybe help someone somewhere.

My view

There is a lot posted in various social media about mental health awareness, depression and anxiety. There are special days, weeks and even the odd month dedicated to this illness and yes it should be viewed as an illness.

It’s strange to see this only highlighted at certain times of the year. Please don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great, that this is now an accepted and much talked about subject, my worry is, that it just becomes fashionable.

If you’re reading this then please, try to be aware of the people around you, your close friends and family. If you suspect someone is suffering then get them to talk, if not to you then a doctor. There is no shame in seeking help for ones self.

My own experience

My first trip to the doctor’s came just over 10years ago. I found myself feeling very low for very long periods of time, always tired, a real feeling of low self-esteem. This was new to me, as like many sufferer’s I like to be the life and soul of a party or the centre of attention. So I made my appointment, got the help and medication needed and over the following year I dragged myself back up, up to such a point I was able to be signed of my tablets. So everything was rosey and I moved on.


It was February 2011, unknowingly I was falling in to a dark place. Thirteen months before, my marriage had ended and I was coming to terms with a lot of changes in my life.

Now, this next piece is where I need people to understand how easy it is to slip silently in to a large dark hole called depression, to fall from the radar of everyday life.

Yes, I was down and sad but I just assumed this was the result of my current predicament and I would wake every morning expecting a change in my mood, but it never came. I felt worthless, lonely and a failure.

Then one afternoon I finished work early as I really couldn’t be bothered. I got home and decided I needed a drink, I called in to the local supermarket, brought wine and vodka. My plan was to get drunk very quick and then sleep it off, because I wanted that good place to hurry up and return.


I had for sometime before suffered with a back pain and was given co-proxamol, I used to find a couple of these would make me feel very chilled very quick, they were a very good muscle relaxant.

For some reason I decided it would be a good idea to start taking these while I was drinking that afternoon, to help bring forward this desperate need for euphoria.

The last thing I really remember was a feeling of total worthlessness, maybe the world would be a better place with out me. I felt scared, yet stubborn and compelled to move forward with this alcohol and drug enthused session. I remember crying and trying to type a text to Helen and my daughter. Apparently I had also made some kind of effort to reply to an email from my boss.

Needless to say these texts made no sense to the recipients but done enough to raise alarm bells.

People will say, how can you, what about the people who care for you. Let me tell you, when you are in that place, you just want out.

I was found slumped on our bed by Helen and my daughter, empty bottles and pill wraps scattered around the floor.

As they shook to wake me I rolled over, sending vomit shooting from my mouth like a scene from the excorcist all across the bedroom wall.

The girls say I was falling in and out of sleep so they called an ambulance.

It was when the paramedics arrived that I started to come round and become aware something wasn’t right. I struggled to focus and was confused as to what was going on, why was my daughter there and why did I have a paramedic asking me questions that I could barely understand.

I remember being taken downstairs to the ambulance and seeing the faces of my daughter and youngest son at the time covered with concern.

What had I done, what was happening.

I was shipped off to hospital where I was given the obligatory drip and checked over.

With each passing minute it became clear to me what had happened. I had let the darkness grab me and slowly pull me in.

Fortunately for me that day, I was one stop away from a stomach pump. I was discharged in the early hours and sent home to sleep it off.


You see, I didn’t wake that day planning all this to happen, it just happened.

I was so down and fed up, I should have gone seek help earlier but I let myself sink.

My job at the time was area sales, so I was always having to put on this happy persona for my customers, no one knew my internal struggle.

Helen had noticed changes in and asked me to see the Dr but I was convinced I could sort this myself. I was wrong.

I am not proud of my actions that day and neither am I ashamed.


I must admit its been quite therapeutic writing this blog. Not many people no about this, of course a few more will do now.

I’m not ashamed of that day, it only worked to frighten me and make me realise how easy it is to slope in to depression unnoticed.


Those that follow my instagram will know that last October I went back to my Dr and started a new course of medication. I saw the signs, read them and sorted it, because I knew where I was heading.

I still have indifferent days, last week was bad for me, Helen was away, the boys were hard work and I just felt so low.

People may knock social media, but it was through this that many on Instagram helped pick me up. Some were quick to notice and offered me some lovely words.

All I wanted was someone to talk with, maybe share a cuppa.

It helps me to write things down, how I feel etc, as a part of all this is paranoia. I worry that people think I am always moaning, being down and miserable. So I feel I need to explain myself, hence this blog I guess.

So last week I wrote how I was feeling on Instagram, but did well to disguise it, check my bio and look down to the picture of Sylvester Stallone. That photo had lots of likes but only a few people scrolled down to see that I was venting. I wanted to talk but didn’t want to bother anyone.

You see, it’s the little signs.


So why have I written this blog and laid that part of my life open bare.

If my story can encourage one person to seek help, I’m happy.

If my story can make people aware of others around them that may be suffering, I’m happy.

If you think someone is struggling don’t just take ‘i’m fine’ as their first answer, get them talking, watch them.

I will leave this now, hopefully I haven’t bored you but enlightened you with a first hand story of someone who’s visited that dark place.


Please feel free to leave a comment, I would love to hear your feedback.

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I hope to blog again very soon about how we made it in to one of the UK’S leading tabloids

The school summer holidays

Firstly may I just apologise for the delay in getting this blog online. After my last post, mid November, I did say it would be out the following week! All part of my learning curve as a SAHD, don’t promise deadlines while looking after children.

I am keen to her up to date on my journey as ‘daddy day care’ so I can talk about every day life things that either help you as a parent or just down right p####s you off.

Now let me tell you about the summer, particularly the school holidays, or as I like to refer to it ‘the long, long, long hot, hot ,hot summer”.


It was mid July as I was getting over a rather pleasurable World Cup when Helen began her new job.

From March, when Helen went back to work till the start of her new venture, Helen would often leave around 8am and be back in time for the boys bath and bedtime. I guess it was around a half hour journey.

Now though, if I were to say to you, the journey was around 1hr 40mins long and Mummy was all of a sudden leaving around 6.45am and getting home after 7pm, you may start to see the task that lay ahead for this new stay at home daddy.


And so the long hot summer began.

I guess the biggest problem was brought on by myself, I felt I was obliged to get the boys out everyday. I felt we needed to be going places, I was not a good father if I wasn’t doing this. Fortunately after just a couple of weeks a friend asked me what I used to do in my school holidays when I was a lad, did I go out everyday? or away on holiday? This made me stop and think.

When I was younger, my siblings and I were lucky if we had one day down at Ramsgate to visit our Grandparents. We would spend a while in their house before setting off eagerly to the arcades and the beach.

I explained to her, we were lucky to get a one day outing, she asked if it made me a bad person, of course it didn’t. So there it was, I was trying too hard.

I did get out and about with the boys for the odd day here and there.


Our first major outing together was to a place called Sacrewell farm, it was a lovely little place just outside Peterborough with farm animals you could feed, play areas for the kids and a beautiful trail to walk around.

As much as these places are ideal for the little ones, my boys are more interested in running and jumping about than feeding and petting God’s fine creatures.

But we had a good day, we took a picnic and for the best part of the day, the boys behaved and I had achieved my first major outting as daddy day care.


So hands up those who have ever taken their kids to the beach for the day on their own. Well that was a day I shall never forget.

I had been speaking to my eldest sons partner, Vicky, who had been one of my greatest allies through the school holidays, about days out.

Vicky mentioned she was off on a coach trip to a little place called Hunstanton. I thought to myself this would be a great day out for the boys and we would meet them there. I would drive this day as I don’t do coaches, that’s a story for another day.

We arrived at our destination late morning, so I knew the boys would be hungry, made contact with Vicky and headed to the seafront to join her and my two Grand children.

Now as I said earlier, this was one of our hottest ever summers, I at least expect a nice cool sea breeze for the day, but there was nothing.

On the plus side I got the boys down for a paddle, this was the first time in the sea for both boys, just look at Charlie’s face.

We managed to picnic on the side of the promenade while fighting off various wasps, (seriously Lord, why are they on earth), a task I was becoming very good at, sorting picnics I mean not fighting off wasps.

A little after lunch we took off and headed for the little fairground, by now Riley was just wilting, I stopped to buy the boys an ice-cream and turned around to find the day had finally got to the little one

Mummy had agreed to meet us towards the end of the day but work being work, she got there just in time for dinner, a suspect looking meal from the nearest fish & chip shop.

As much as this day was a lovely thought, it was very difficult in practice. I was totally exhausted by the end and to be honest, I couldn’t wait to get home.


The hot month of August became a challenge to try and get the boys out and about. I became quite the google expert at trying to find places to visit.

It also became very apparent very quickly, that Mummy would be staying away from home, sometimes, two or three nights a week.

The week after the seaside trip we already had a lunch booked out for me and Charlie. The local toddler group had arranged a Teddy Bear’s picnic at the home of Judy, a lovely lady who attended the group with the grand daughters.

Again the sun shone and it was a lovely day, Charlie shared his lunch with two favourite bed companions, Wally Wally woof woof and George, both had been with him since his first days 💙.

I tried to keep myself busy and the boys happy over the holidays. It was tough as I hadn’t really got to know anyone around the area in my short time as a SAHD. We would always try and get out most days, even if it was a walk to the local park.

It was during these school holidays that we would try and get Charlie back on the ‘potty training’.

I say again, because the year previous, Charlie had shown quite the interest in the potty approaching his second birthday. Then along came Riley, poor Charlie decided he had enough to contend with without having to start concentrating on where he should be going to the loo.

It was hard work I must say, he was so close last year and now the big man wasn’t really interested. After lots of hard work all round Charlie finally cracked it mid September. We still get the odd accident but then who doesn’t. It makes for an interesting preschool collection, as I gaze through the school gates to see if he is coming out with the same pants he went in wearing that morning.


And so I began to bed myself into the role of ‘daddy day care’ as I like to call it, all the while not realising I was slowly slipping in to a dark and lonely place.

My next blog, which I will post in the New Year, (see I’m learning not to promise early publications) will cover my encounter with depression and anxiety, both past and present. I will say now that I write from personal experience and some content maybe upsetting for some.

What has this got to do with ‘daddy day care?’ a lot, it shows how isolation as a stay at home parent can sometimes bring you down. I really want to share my feelings on this subject, on how easily it can grab you and how to fight it.

With the right love and people around you, most curve balls that life throws at you can be handled.

So until the New Year, may I wish you all a very Merry Christmas

Daddydaycare x


A stay at home parent (continued)

A quick side note if I may

Before I continue with this blog I feel I need to explain a little about my character, for those that dont know me or have missed my profile.

I wear my heart on my sleeve, I write what is real to me, no lies.

My blog is about my life at the moment, I am not trying to sell anything or offer to change lifestyles, it’s about the trials and tribulations of a Father in a predominantly Mother’s world.

For those asking the question, I write on here as it makes me feel in touch with the world. Those who have experienced staying at home with the little ones can relate to that feeling that hits you sometimes of isolation.

So this is all me John, a SAHD

So let’s carry on

Just to finish off from last week’s blog of a ‘stay at home dad’ (SAHD). I would like to add ‘why’ I am the one at home, and a little bit more about the first few months in to this new life role.

So firstly, the why.

Helen had always been honest with me about wanted two children and being the age I am and having been through all this before it took a lot of deliberation and soul searching.

This was never a spur of the moment decision, we spent weeks, months and even a couple of years talking, going through the plus and negative sides to everything.

One of the subjects we discussed during the time was that, if we could afford it, we would want one of us to be a stay at home parent until the children were both at school.

So here I am and as I have mentioned before, taking on the toughest role of my life.

Of course, all this is not without sacrifice, Helen is giving up that chance to be a stay at home Mummy, instead she leaves her boys behind at home to fend for her family. As for me, I have given up that opportunity of being that 56yr old guy who goes to the pub every weekend with the lads and basically do as I please.


Before I get on to those first few months, let me share with you one of those times in life when you really don’t see the wood for the trees, when the answer is there in front of you. A perfect example of how your head gets completely frazzled when looking after little people……. Also, one of the great parenting questions, when am I supposed to shower when I have these two boys snapping at my ankles all day.

Shower at night, when they’re asleep I hear you shout. This cannot be done as the pump motor is next to the boys room, my shower is the other side of the wall of Riley’s cot, so it would wake them. So naturally you find yourself jumping in the shower when the opportunity arises, Grand parents are around, a friend round for coffee, Mummy is about, I think some of you may get the picture here.

Ok, so it finally dawned on this old brain last week. Please don’t laugh. But in the main bathroom where I have bathed the boys every night for the past eight months is a shower!! It’s right next to the bath!! So yes, I can sit them in the bath and step in to the shower less than two feet away!! All this time I had been so focused on the shower in our ensuite ….. I know right, what a muppet!!


When Helen set back off to work I had four months before the school holidays.

I have added this picture as it was taken just before Mummy went back to work after maternity leave.

In the early days I would often vent on Facebook, you see I didn’t really have any network of friends in my position, not straight away. I remember commenting that if I was having a good day with the boys that there was always the ‘tag team’ of dinner and bathtime waiting around the corner to really mess my day up!

I learned pretty quickly that to survive I had to get out of the house as often as was possible. Initially it felt very daunting, the fact I was having to leave the house on my own with the boys.

Charlie was in preschool back in March, attending Wednesday and Thursday mornings. So I was left with Riley for two mornings a week. It was during this time that I knew, once the summer holidays had come and gone I would be adding Tuesday mornings to Charlie’s preschool time.

You see, when it used to be just Charlie and I attending the local toddler group it was fine. It was just me and him and we could paint, chalk, and play til our hearts were content. Once Riley came in to the equation, a lot of my time was really spent on him and I would watch my old toddler mate, Charlie having to entertain himself at our toddler group mornings. I don’t think Charlie minded too much as he was almost give free reign to attack the biscuit bar!!

It was during this time I decided that Charlie would be better off at his preschool ‘little stars’ on a Tuesday morning. I chatted it over with Mummy and that was put into place after the summer school holidays.

Charlie and Riley soon became thick as thieves when they realised it was just one parent watching them, I tried to stay wise to their moves. Below is a picture of them clearly planning their escape from the living room!

I always make sure I take lots of pictures daily for Mummy and she can often be found on a quiet evening sat on the sofa, glass of prosecco in one had and my phone in the other, catching up on her little boys.

These first few months were educational, an eye opener in the world of a stay at home parent. I had a young baby that insisted on waking pretty much every day around 4.30am and I would do my best to shield Mummy from this, this was my role now and I was determined to make it work.

I guess one of the saving graces was the time of year, it allowed me to get out with the boys, even if it was a walk to the park. Those of you that follow my Instagram will know from pictures and videos it’s one of our favourite pastimes.

This picture is from May when Riley was sporting his new set of wheels, mind you now he’s walking he doesn’t want to know that trike anymore!


So this leads me in to the Summer holidays, a real test of my abilities and I don’t mind saying so, a period of time that almost broke me…..

*Mummy starts a new job

*Mummy away one to two nights a week

*No preschool or toddler group

*Over 6 weeks school holiday

*One of the hottest summers on record

*Potty training

*No help

*A trip to the doctor’s

I will explain all in next week’s blog;

the school summer holidays

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A stay at home parent


I have been ‘stay at home dad’, (sahd) now since March this year 2018, although I officially finished work March 2017.

You see, when I told my employer I had intended on leaving that coming Christmas they decided to let me go and pay me for the rest of that year, this way they could get someone else in. I wasn’t going to argue as Riley was due in the June and it would save Mummy being on her own with the two boys until I finally finished in December. So it all worked out well in the end, Mummy and Daddy had a whole year off together before she had to go back to work.

So what do I think of my new venture after 8 months??

After 40 years working, this is by far the hardest ‘job’ I have ever undertaken. It is safe to say I have a new found respect for stay at home parents.

One thing’s for sure, I find myself a man in a woman’s world and it’s safe to say, that I am still adjusting.

One of the reasons for my last paragraph is that of the ‘playdate’. You see, here I am a 56yr old man asking young Mums if they would like to meet up for a cuppa while the children play, it’s been a while since I asked a young lady for her phone number!!

I was fortunate on this one particular occasion back before the school broke for its summer holidays. Charlie had a birthday party some weeks before and so I had the mobile number of one of the mother’s already, she had confirmed attendance to the party for her little man with a text. So on the last day of term I picked up the courage to speak to this lady and asked if she would like to join me and the boys for a ‘playdate’, I explained I still had her number and I would call during the holidays.

So one Tuesday morning I messaged the Mum and asked if they would like to call round the following week, her son is just a few months older than Charlie. By 8pm that night I had not heard anything, I remember turning to Helen and saying, ” oh lord, she thinks I’m some kind of weirdo”, imagine the relief when I got a reply the next morning saying it was a great idea and they looked forward to it. The playdate was a success and we’ve had some more since then.

Fortunately I have a couple of other friends through old employment and have stayed in contact through social media, so I am building my own little network of Mums with kiddies. You see, I don’t know any other stay at home Dads’.

Then of course there is the local ‘toddler’ group, every Tuesday morning. Yes, you guessed it, I’m the only full-time Dad who frequents this village get together. There are some lovely people there, again, it took me a little while to adjust, Riley and I call there when we can.

It’s funny because it was at this toddler group when I first had mother’s saying to me, they wished that I could chat to some of their husbands because of some of the things I was saying.

I was explaining that I never realised how difficult I would find all this, the juggling of everyday routine around two little boys. How tired I would feel, how isolated and how mind numbing it all was.

Helen will often leave for work around 6.30am, not getting home till gone 7pm and more often than not will be away two or three nights a week. This leaves me, breakfast, school run, lunch, dinner, bath and bedtime and that’s if the day runs smoothly. I honestly don’t think many men could handle this, believe me, I just survive some days.

I think back now to how I would get home from work and look forward to a beer and a catch up with my mates on a Friday night, when in fact the mother of my children at the time, way deserved it more then me. Dont get me wrong, I helped around the house, but I had no real appreciation of what was really involved. You see, it’s not until you have led this life of stay at home parenting do you truly understand it.

I will leave this here for the moment as it’s my first real blog and I don’t want to bore people.

I hope you enjoy the read. Please feel free to leave comments and any blogging advice would be greatly received.

Daddydaycare62 x


Just a short paragraph as I learn my way around this page, any fellow bloggers care to offer me blogging advice, please feel free. I will write more as my confidence in this venture grows.

So this is my blog, I promise to keep it honest and at times humorous, after all we all need some laughter in our lives.

I have five children, Kyle, Louise and Bradley from my first marriage, Charlie and Riley from my second marriage to Helen. I also have two Grand children, Skye and Leo, so yes, Charlie and Riley have a niece and nephew older then them.

So now to enjoy the rest of my time off from the little ones, I do miss them though.

Will add more shortly ………..